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Commercial Fridge Sales Cater Equipment Supplies Australia source quality food equipment from a range of great suppliers from Australia and Overseas. We sell a wide range of commercial fridges, refrigeration and freezers, big and small, to support hospitality and other businesses Australia-wide! Check out the hospitality equipment we have in stock!

Please call us today at 0448881882 to discuss your Commercial Fridge Freezer Sales, and we’ll be delighted to assist you with any requirements, desires and inquiries you may have. Professional support and guidance is just part of the package when you’re dealing with Cater Equipment Supplies. We know how to make sure you get the best in hospitality equipment.

Get in touch today to get a quote on how Cater Equipment Supplies can help you with your refrigeration needs! We’ve been operating 25+ years, and know how to provide a well-rounded service! We know Commercial Fridges!

Fridges and Hospitality Equipment

Cater Equipment Supplies Australia boasts a strong, wide range of brands, products and classifications of commercial fridges, refrigeration and freezers.

Main suppliers Bromic  FED FOOD EQUIPMENT  Hoshizaki  Skope  Skipio  Williams

Cater Equipment Supplies Australia is part of the Heccater Pty Ltd Group

ABN 59 154 380 355

We distribute products in New South Wales, ACT, South Australia ,Tasmania Northern Territory, Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland.

Cater Equipment Supplies Australia is proud to be affiliated with Silver Chef’s Certified Used Program!

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