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F.E.D Bar Fridges

An industry leader in catering equipment and refrigeration, we supplies over 500 models of bar fridges, display fridges, upright fridges, workbench fridges, compact workbench fridges and wine fridges. Our range showcases the leading brands such as italia cool, temperate thermaster, and FED’s exclusive line, which includes single, two, three and four door options.

Our bar fridges are specially designed for bars with adjustable shelf heights, to fit a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Our fridges are well built and durable, made from stainless steel and robust materials, with high quality motors and interior lights, to ensure your product runs at it’s potential best. From mini bar fridges to beer fridges, black, white, side by side, solid door, glass door – there’s an endless variety of units on sale at FED.

Maintain a well designed and productive piece in your establishment and consider the variety of other catering equipment options currently available.

How to select the right commercial bar fridge for your restaurant

If you run a restaurant or bar that handles many drinks like beer, wine or soft drink, a commercial bar fridge is always an excellent appliance to purchase. Choosing the right bar fridge for your needs is not difficult; you only need a well-planned approach to ensure that the refrigerator you buy serves your needs. To get the best return on your investment, consider the following points. If you are replacing an existing bar refrigerator, you can directly start from the 3rd point unless you are eyeing a bigger one this time.

  • Space – Start with measuring the space that you can allocate to the device. Keep in mind larger bar fridges will naturally take up more floor space than upright display fridges and freezers of the same volume. Measure correctly, and you will have a clear idea about the size you should get. Also, consider if only your staff will handle it, or it will be placed at the front of your restaurant to promote visual merchandising. If space is not an issue, which means you can accommodate even the larger bar refrigerators, then start with considering your requirements.
  • The size – Once you are clear about the available space, where you will place the bar refrigerator, and your storage needs, it’s time to decide the right size to fit into your requirements. Commercial bar fridges are generally available in multiple door variants, and you can pick any depending on your needs.
  • The right door type – You must choose not only the number but also the type of door that will better fit your needs. Unlike the square or curved glass cake display, these refrigeration units are available in solid and glass door variants.
  • The exterior finish – Unlike pizza prep tables or salad bars, back bar refrigerators are available in two main exterior finishes – the evergreen stainless steel and the colorbond. Stainless steel is naturally more resilient, runs no risk of chipping or peeling, dent-resistant, and needs minimum maintenance. The colorbond exterior looks classy and is cheaper than its stainless-steel counterpart. On the downside, the colorbond exterior can crack and break when impacted, whereas stainless steel will only dent.

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