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F.E.D Frezers

Commercial freezers are one of the most important catering equipment units needed for your restaurant. Commercial freezers provide an invaluable space for food storage, freezing and long-term preservation of your stock.
Federal Hospitality Equipment has a huge selection of commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers for sale with each one coming in different shape and size. We’ve sourced our stock from all the leading restaurant equipment brands from across the globe including Fast Blast, Italia Cool and Temperature Thermaster.
Any of our commercial fridge and freezer units would suit any commercial kitchen, but there needs to be a consideration as to what one would be most ideal. At FED we sell under-counter freezers, commercial upright freezers, industrial refrigerators, commercial chest freezers, drawer freezers and commercial bench freezers.
All our freezers and fridges are constructed from pure stainless steel for that tough heavy-duty build. Many of our freezers also feature interior lights, digital temperature controls, readouts and thorough insulation.
Any of our commercial freezers would fit well within any kitchen restaurant, bar or café. At FED we only sell the most practical and reliable freezers in the business.
What kind of refrigeration is needed in your restaurant?
Commercial upright freezers and fridges: these kinds of freezers are available in different sizes of your choice. They are suitable for a small size restaurant because they take less space, unlike the chest freezers. You can store your fresh and perishable produce with ease, they are with good lockable doors, environmentally friendly and safe to use. The upright storage freezer switches off its evaporated fan anytime you open it, and it alerts you in case of any safety issues.

What kind of refrigeration is needed in your restaurant?

  • Commercial refrigeration drawer or the under-counter fridges: They are a kind of commercial refrigerators that are suitable for a restaurant that has enough space. Either you want the single door, double door, or triple door, the refrigeration drawer is available and gives you outstanding chilled storage conditions. Besides, it provides wide storage for cold products, like poultry, seafood, and meat that you might need at any time.
  • Walk-in refrigerator. This is one of the best commercial refrigeration systems there is. It has enough size to store and keep all of your inventory cold. It is customizable; you can have it in a larger size or smaller size depending on the amount of space available.
  • Reach-in refrigerator. This is the kind of chiller that you can also get for your restaurant. It works best when placed far away from the heat side. The reach-in has two or three doors depending on your choice. It is easy to arrange your stored food inside, and getting it for use is easy too, because you can see through it.
  • Chest freezer. This is also a useful refrigeration system good for commercial purpose, it stores and keeps your produce alive and chilled. It is well-recommended for keeping your food for long, and they will hardly lose taste. However, you have to consider the space you have in your restaurant because of its sizes.
  • Ice cream freezer. It is wide enough to keep your frozen inventory safe and in good condition. The ice cream freezer is strong and useful in a restaurant that provides a non-stop service.

Considering all the listed factors, which include measuring the size, budget, flexibility, etc. and the type of commercial refrigeration suitable for your restaurant. All these will make it easier for you to get a purposeful commercial refrigeration anywhere you are in Austrailia… From Sydney, Brisbane, or even to Melbourne.

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