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We selling a variety of the highest quality commercial fridge units within the catering equipment industry. We stock a huge range of fridges including glass door fridges, ice makers, commercial display fridges, commercial bar fridges, commercial upright fridges, bench fridges and drawer fridges.

Selecting the right equipment for your commercial kitchen is one of the most important decisions that needs to be made and that includes the right fridge units. Fridges provide the basic processes of storage and cooling. Restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, takeaway, supermarkets – every company that serves or sells food and drink needs a fridge.

Businesses also need to consider what type of commercial fridge would suit their business – whether it’s a cheap fridge, second hand fridge, expensive, small, large, door display fridge, bar fridge and so on.

Our commercial refrigerators also each come with a full range of functions including LED lighting, double glazed glass doors, internal lights, refrigerator coolers and castors, so it’s important to match the right fridge with your business, if you’re a bar or club you’d need a bar or drink fridge, if you’re a restaurant you should consider our larger units.

There’s so many options to choose from when it comes to selecting the right commercial fridge and usually this can be made through careful planning.

We sells only the best commercial fridges within the industry from all the leading brands. We have an endless selection when it comes to high quality commercial refrigeration


Commercial Fridge Buying Guide

A commercial fridge is far more powerful than the domestic fridges found at home. As one of the most frequently used appliances in a professional kitchen, commercial refrigeration needs to deliver consistent chilled temperatures in hot conditions, even when the doors are constantly being opened and closed.

The largest fridges have enough space to hold chilled food or ingredients worth thousands of dollars, so reliability is essential – any malfunction could be incredibly costly. When buying a fridge for commercial use, you need to be sure the unit you choose is the right one for the job. This buying guide will help you understand the different types of fridges, and key features you’ll need to consider.

As well as size and capacity, there are several other key features to consider when you’re looking to buy a fridge.

  • Tropical Rating: How hot can room conditions get in the planned location for your fridge? A commercial fridge’s tropical rating refers to the highest ambient temperature that the fridge can operate in effectively. If temperatures in your kitchen are routinely climbing above 32°C, it’s likely you’ll need a tropical-rated fridge. The most powerful units will excel in conditions of up to 43°C.
  • Energy Efficiency: The more efficient your fridge, the less it costs to run. Features such as additional insulation and self-closing doors will all help to save energy. Most solid-door commercial fridges will have an energy efficiency rating to help you decide.
  • Automatic Defrost: The inside of a commercial fridge can get a build-up of ice over time. This will reduce the performance and lifespan of the fridge, so many professional units have a built-in auto defrost system which can be programmed to kick in when required. If there’s no automatic defrost, you’ll need to defrost the unit manually.
  • Security: Contents stored in a commercial fridge can be highly valuable, especially if it is cuts of meat or fish. For peace of mind, it’s worthwhile to invest in a unit with lockable doors to secure your stock.
  • Doors: Self-closing doors help to save energy and are especially useful when you’ve got your hands full. Some fridges also have a pedal opening mechanism, so you don’t even need to touch the door – far more hygienic.
  • Access: How often will you need to access the unit? If you’re only planning to open the doors infrequently, a lighter duty commercial fridge may be suitable. However, if you’re constantly accessing the unit, you’ll need a heavy duty model with a more powerful compressor to ensure storage temperatures are reliably maintained.

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