Delicatessen Butcher Displays

Delicatessen Butcher Displays

  • Delicatessen Butcher Displays
  • Come as remote and inbuilt refrigeration  with storage under curved glass or square ranging from 90cm to 350cmwide .
  • Square and curved and angled glass display with and without refrigerated storage under
  • Equip supplies stylish commercial refrigeration from top brands to Cafes and Restaurants, Hotels and Pubs, Take Away Food Shops and Pizza Shops,
  • Cater Equip choose Bromic, AJ Baker, Arneg and Criocabin as our preferred suppliers for our range of top quality Delicatessen and Deli Display Cases.
  • Deli Display Fridges have options are available for sizes and styles including:
  • Deli Display Case ( 1.5M, 2.0M 2.5M, 2.9M)deli displays
  • Curved 90° corner display
  • Sandwich or salad bars(1.05M or 1.5M)
  • Serve over deli display fridges with 45° or 90° counter, 910mm deep display, curved lift up glass.
  • Delicatessen Butcher Displays
  • Refrigeration in deli display cases is fan assisted and they come with ventilated cooling system and easy clean stainless steel interior for food safety. Ease of use and cleaning is important and assisted with hydraulic lift up glass covers, perspex slides and easy loading with rear bench. Castors are included.


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