Skope Commercial Refrigeration Freezers

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Skope Commercial Refrigeration Freezers

  • Skope Commercial Refrigeration Freezers come in all varieties, including but not limited Chillers, Freezers, Food Service, Upright Preparation, Under-counter, Pizza and Sandwich fridges. Skope Fridges are renowned for their flexibility.
  • Their comprehensive range of products caters for small to large-scale businesses, from convenience stores, bars and restaurants to commercial kitchens, bakeries, conference facilities, and everything in between.
  • Using their dedicated project team, we are with our clients from conception to completion. We start by establishing the right Skope Fridges for your business, then we maintain regular contact with you and your team – architect, suppliers, contractors, builders and caterers – throughout the process.
  • They have a lot of experience in enabling chefs and others to shape the future of the food and beverage industry. As many of Skope’s sales team are former chefs, we leverage off their expertise to set us apart from our competitors as a trail blazer.
  •  Food hygiene seriously, with a history and ongoing commitment to developing relationships with food and beverage manufacturers on a global scale. It’s not enough to meet food safety requirements, Skope Fridges exceeds them. Skope’s range of products are renowned for their ability to constantly, evenly and consistently chill food and beverages. That’s of vital importance to ensure their safe storage, and get ahead in today’s well-regulated market.
  • Skope Commercial Refrigeration Freezers are a market leader in custom-designed refrigeration solutions. We’ve got the industry connections to make sure you’ve got what you need, along with access to our comprehensive range of products.
  • Whether you are a global organisation looking for a complete product design or a restaurant or bar owner seeking a unique aesthetic to your commercial refrigeration, we can help. Our specialized team, along with Skope’s help, can customize products to fit your exacting requirements, no sweat.
  • All of their roducts come with two financing options. We can organize it through our usual channels, or you can organize it through Skope’s own financing pathway. Make sure you get a deal today!
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    SKOPE Financing

    All our great SKOPE products offer 2 forms of SKOPE financing. Get a SKOPE product at a bargain, take a look at the differences below.

    SKOPE Cash Flow Boost

    • Prices based on SKOPE RRP
    • No repayments & interest free for the first 12 months!
    • Extended Warranty Protection for the full duration
    • Fixed Term of 5 years (1st year no repayments)
    • Own the product at the end of term
    • Click through for more details

    SKOPE Flexi Term

    • Price based on Dealer Sell Price
    • Extended Warranty Protection for full duration
    • Includes annual on-site preventative maintenance check for full duration
    • Handback option at the end of the first 12 months (Can return equipment)
    • Flexible term, anywhere from 1 to 5 years
    • Own the product at the end of term
    • Click through for more details

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