Skope BB380 2 Sliding Door Display Chiller

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Skope BB380 2 Sliding Door Display Chiller

  • Skope BB380 2 Sliding Door Display Chiller
  • BB380 2 Siding Doors Chiller
  • Product Details
  • Model: BB380 2SL
    Integral/Remote: Integral
    Chiller/Freezer: Chiller
    Gross Volume: 380 litres
    Total Shelf Area: 1.32 m2 (including floor)
    Floor Area: 0.89 m2
    Operating Temperature: +1°C to +4°C in 32°C ambient
    Stock Report Heading (Dealer section): Backbars
    Dimensions (mm):Height: 920Width: 1500Depth: 600
  • Our past success in developing and implementing energy saving solutions, doesn’t make us complacent – it makes us even more determined to continue along a path that enables our customers to reduce their energy consumption in increased areas.Energy efficiency is a key component in the design and production of all SKOPE products. The small but more powerful, higher performing fan motors used in our refrigeration cabinets result in outstanding chilling and maximum energy efficiency.We won’t cut corners when it comes to the performance of our products in order to reduce energy consumption, but we will continue to develop innovative ways in which to work with you to save energy.

    Our glass merchandisers are all MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) tested.

    MEPS establish standards for energy performance that products must meet or exceed before they can be sold to consumers in New Zealand and Australia. MEPS are regularly reviewed in consultation with industry to ensure they keep pace with advances in technology. Many of SKOPE’s refrigeration products qualify for the ‘High Energy Efficiency’ tick. For a complete list of SKOPE’s registered products,

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 60 × 150 × 92 cm
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