Hoshizaki DB-200H-Hotel Crescent Ice Maker & Dispenser

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Hoshizaki DB-200H-Hotel Crescent Ice Maker & Dispenser

  • Produce more quality ice.
  • Crystal clear, hard individual uniquely shaped Crescent cubes that last longer in drinks.
  • Use less energy.
  • Cycle 1/2 as many times as competition.
  • Cubes do not clump together in storage bins.
  • Unique stainless-steel evaporator design which is unaffected by caustic water, harsh cleaning agents and does not crack or peel like nickel plated evaporators.
  • Push-button single auger agitator dispenses ice at 5 kgs. per minute.
  • Long-life stainless-steel construction
  • Inbuilt, removable, easily cleaned, reusable.


  • Max Storage Capacity Approx. 90kg
  • Dimensions 762mm (W) x 762mm (D) x 1346mm (H)
  • Dispensing gear motor 60W
  • Weight Net/Gross (kg) 57
  • Production Select Modular Head unit KMD-201AA, KMD-270AA
  • or KM-660MAJ-E & Top Kit (Sold Separate)
  • AC Supply Voltage 1 PHASE 240V/50Hz/ 10 AMP Plug
  • Amperage Rated:1.4A
  • Operating Conditions Ambient Temp.: 7-38°C
  • Voltage Range:104 -132V


The Hoshizaki DB-200H Hotel Crescent dispenser has a storage capacity of 90kg and dispenses at 5kg per minute. This sanitary icemaker/dispenser features a user-friendly dispensing mechanism that allows clean, individual, crescent ice cubes to be dispensed with a simple push of a button

Weight 57 kg
Dimensions 76 × 76 × 135 cm
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