SKOPE CC700r Display 4 Door Chiller Remote

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SKOPE CC700r Display 4 Door Chiller Remote

  • SKOPE CC700r Display 4 Door Chiller Remote
  • Model: CC700r
  • Integral/Remote: Remote
  • Chiller/Freezer: Chiller
  • Gross Volume: 700 litres
  • Total Shelf Area: 11 m2 (including floor)
  • Floor Area: 6 m2
  • Operating Temperature: + 1°C to +4°C in 40°C ambient (swing door) + 1°C to +4°C in 32°C ambient (sliding door)
  • Remote Refrigeration Duty: 660 Watts at -5°C SST
  • Dimensions (mm):
  • Height: 725
  • Width: 2675
  • Depth: 600

SKOPE CC700r Display 4 Door Chiller Remote

SKOPE Industries Limited is a family owned company with a global reputation for designing and manufacturing commercial refrigeration solutions.
We are proud of our family heritage, which test began 45 years ago with company founder Sir Robert Stewart’s vision to build the SKOPE brand.

In its early years, SKOPE operated from one small factory in the Christchurch suburb of Addington. Today, we occupy the same site but have expanded over time to establish a research, design and production plant that takes up the whole block.

SKOPE continues to design and manufacture the high quality, innovative, market-leading products that have earned us our global reputation.
SKOPE is a family owned company with a difference, with Managing Director Guy Stewart answering to a board of highly experienced advisors, including four independent directors. This provides us with all the corporate disciplines of a public company.

At SKOPE, we know how important it is to look after our customers, just as one nurtures family. When you work with us, we consider you a part of our extended family and look forward to a relationship that will develop into the future.

SKOPE designs and manufactures commercial refrigeration and foodservice products for the hospitality and retail sectors.

Our comprehensive range of products caters for small to large-scale businesses, from convenience stores, bars and restaurants to commercial kitchens, bakeries, conference facilities, and everything in between.

Skope fridges are the best products on the market in our opinion.

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SKOPE Financing

All our great SKOPE products offer 2 forms of SKOPE financing. Get a SKOPE product at a bargain, take a look at the differences below.

SKOPE Cash Flow Boost

  • Prices based on SKOPE RRP
  • No repayments & interest free for the first 12 months!
  • Extended Warranty Protection for the full duration
  • Fixed Term of 5 years (1st year no repayments)
  • Own the product at the end of term

SKOPE Flexi Term

  • Price based on Dealer Sell Price
  • Extended Warranty Protection for full duration
  • Includes annual on-site preventative maintenance check for full duration
  • Handback option at the end of the first 12 months (Can return equipment)
  • Flexible term, anywhere from 1 to 5 years
  • Own the product at the end of term

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Dimensions 60 × 268 cm
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