Austune Turbo Air TGM-20SD(B)(W) 495L Single Door Upright Chiller

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Austune Turbo Air TGM-20SD(B)(W) 495L Single Door Upright Chiller

Austune Turbo Air TGM-20SD(B)(W) 495L Single Door Upright Chiller
This Austune Super Deluxe unit is an upright chiller with a capacity of 495 litres. With its modern design and LED internal lighting,
beautifully display all your drinks. Plus, you can choose from white or black finish.
Temperatures range from 0 to 8°C. The high insulation and efficient refrigeration system will help you maintain low temperatures.
• Modern Design• LED Lighting-Brighter and longer lasting LED lights provide attractive enhanced illumination compared to fluorescent lights
• Energy saving • Shadow Free Advertising Panel• Efficient Refrigeration System• Double Pane Glass Doors with Heat Reflecting Film
• High-Density Polyurethane Insulation• Self-closing and stay open door features• Bottom Mount Compressor Units with R134a Refrigerant• 5 Shelves as standard, including base
• External Dims: W685 x D670 x H1955mm + Castors 159mm• Internal Dims: W585 x D555 x H1530m• Weight 128kg.
• External Finish Colour Black Or White• 10Amp Insulated Australian Plug• MEPS certified,5.8 kWh/24h/m²
Warranty 2 years parts and labour

Turbo Air TGM-15SD(B)(W) 450L Commercial Refrigeration Freezers complete range of upright fridge displays and storage units in both refrigeration
and freezers cake food display bench top and freestanding units .

Range of under-Bars refrigerated and freezer unit display and storage units two year gurantee on parts and labour.

Turbo Air Group mission is to be the most respected company in the refrigeration industry.
They will achieve this recognition by consistently providing the highest quality products and superior service in the most environmentally friendly manner.
They strive to improve their products and services to better meet their customers’ needs. Thus, will add value to their customers’
businesses by providing superior products and services.
They are also committed to providing aesthetically pleasing products by applying a better concept of design and technology.
Turbo Air recognize that all material that they use comes from the earth and that these resources are limited.
Using the highest standards and technology possible, they will meet clean and efficient refrigeration needs
now and well into the new millennium.

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Weight 128 kg
Dimensions 555 × 585 × 1530 cm