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Data Strip

Flat Data Strip

Angled Data Strip

The most popular style of data strip with adhesive backing tape. This type of data strip is commonly used in supermarkets and other retail  outlets around the world to display ticketing at the shelf edge.

  • Standard heights(mm): 26 – 76

  • Various colours available

  • Standard lengths 915mm-1200mm

Available with standard tape, foam tape and double tape if request. Some styles are available up to 1240mm. Other lengths are also available on request. Minimum order quantities may apply.
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Angled datastrip provides greater readability in some situations. At an angle ticket information is easier to view, especially on lower shelves where shoppers may need to bend to read tickets displayed in flat datastrip.


  • Standard heights(mm): 26 – 39

  • Various angles and colours available

  • Standard lengths 915mm-1200mm


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Clip On Data Strip

Hanging Data Strip

Use our CGS or GSN profiles to construct double or multiple datastrip profiles where extra information or ticketing is required. Useful for product education and category navigation. 

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Hanging data strip (or data strip with clips) is the perfect solution for wire grid style shelves or baskets & applications where the ticket strip needs to be clipped on rather than mounted with adhesive. CGD hanging data strip comes with clear hanging clips. Extra clips can also be ordered separately.

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Shelf Management Systems



FlexRoller is the market leading Roller Shelf System with no compromise. It helps you to save Money and Time, whilst always fronting stock down to the last item.


  • FlexRoller is a Gravity Roller Shelf System that ensures products are always fronted to the shelf edge

  • Lane dividers easily adjust to any categories & package type

  • FlexRoller shelves last a minimum of 5 years in the marketplace

  • Shopper marketing where it needs to be – at the shelf

  • Activation of top and bottom shelf

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The ProGlide Family is offers controlled fronting of products. The slow release pusher results in a gentle fronting motion whilst the modular design allows for the truly customised solution. 


  • Gentle fronting motion that drives sales by ensuring products are always at shelf edge.

  • Fast and simple replenishment that saves labour and increases employee productivity.

  • The front engagement system makes planogram adjustments and resets fast and easy.

  • Modular lane assembly – complete flexibility on width

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VersaPusher is the versatile fronting merchandiser. The durable construction and multiple space management options make VersaPusher suitable for any environment.


  • Space Management on shelves, in coolers and freezers

  • Aluminium tracks deliver efficient fronting

  • Durable construction

  • Available with or without integrated divider

  • Pushes products with as little as 13mm thickness to the shelf edge

  • All components attach to front rail for easy installation and lane adjustment

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WavFlo is the simple & cost effective gravity feed option for refrigeration or ambient applications. The customisable system fits any product merchandising application.


  • Unique wave surface increases efficiency and product flow
  • Reto-fit to existing cabinet fleets or OEM roll-outs
  • Low profile design to maximise shelf space and product access
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia for the domestic & global markets
  • Cost optimised to maximise return on investment
  • Fully customisable system to fit any product merchandising application
  • Unique wave surface improves product flow, operating an angle between 5° & 7°
  • Fully Integrated System for refrigeration or ambient applications
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