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Delicatessen Display Fridges

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How A Delicatessen Display Fridge can provide a Display solution for your Deli or Butcher
Are you looking for a quality delicatessen display fridge to increase product highlight aesthetics for your food store, deli, or supermarket? Commercial Fridge Sales offers a wide variety of deli displays for various business types.

Deli display fridges play a vital role apart from keeping your products fresh. Their large illuminated displays bring out the appeal of meat which makes them excellent butcher display cabinets. They come with inbuilt refrigeration facilities to allow storage and showcase a variety of food products. The glass displays can either be curved or square-shaped, with sizes ranging from 90cm to as wide as 350cm.
Types of Displays available
The main idea behind having a delicatessen display fridge is to showcase your meat chunks and cuts temptingly that clients can’t resist. However, you’ll have to ensure that you choose the right type of butcher shop displays. Likewise, if you run a bakery or deli shop, the deli counter selected should showcase your bakes to attract attention.

Delicatessen displays are available in two types; refrigerated and non-refrigerated.
Refrigerated delicatessen displays
These are deli display cabinets with a refrigeration facility purposely built for keeping foodstuffs cold to extend their shelf life while on display. They are often available in curved glass display design and can also be flat-shaped to fit personal preferences.

Deli display fridges are ideal for holding food products with short shelf life, such as meat, cheese, cakes, salads, pies, dips, among others. These units come with inward lighting to illuminate the products on display and attract customers’ attention. Additionally, the refrigeration and lighting bring out your products’ aesthetics to assure buyers of their freshness.
Non-refrigerated delicatessen displays
When you want customers to see what you have on sale and don’t need refrigeration, these are the ideal choice of deli displays choose. Non-refrigerated deli displays are suitable for mainly displaying baked foods such as bread, muffins, cupcakes, donuts, and pastries.

They keep the foodstuffs dry and fresh, which is why they are an excellent option for fast-moving food products.
Features of our Deli display fridges
Our range of butcher display fridges for sale come with various features to make them suitable for any business that deals with shorter shelf life foods.

When choosing meat display cabinets Australia units, some of the features to look out for include their construction, glass curvature, and accessibility options. We have 90o curved corners and smooth curved displays for various uses.

We have a wide category to choose from if looking for a serve-over deli display fridge, including 45o and 90o counter and curved lift-up glass designs. They also offer ample storage space going up to 1100 mm deep.
Our deli displays are built from stainless steel to offer durability and ease of maintenance and cleaning. They’re dent and scratch resistant, enabling you to wipe their exterior to obtain a shiny appeal.

Where can Delicatessen Display Fridges be used?
As long as foodstuffs that require refrigeration and display are in question, there’s no limit to where delicatessen display fridges can be used. You’ll find them used in butcheries to display meat, in bakeries to showcase baked products, and at deli shops selling ready-to-eat foods.

At Commercial Fridge Sales, we specialize in a wide variety of deli displays to meet the needs of various businesses across Australia. Browse our broad catalogue of delicatessen display fridges to find your ideal choice of deli counter display.

Why Choose Commercial Fridge Sales For A Delicatessen Display Fridge?
At Commercial Fridge Sales, we’re proud to be one of Australia’s favourite commercial fridge and freezer suppliers, and there’s a reason more businesses turn to us for refrigeration solutions.

● We have a vast range of fridges for floral display. No matter how big or small your business, we have a refrigerator to fit. Our range of commercial fridges includes 900mm deep deli butcher displays as well as 1100mm deli butcher displays. Whatever you’re looking for, we can help.

● We deliver unmatched value. You won’t find such high-quality commercial fridges for better prices anywhere else! At Commercial Fridge Sales, we’re committed to providing the best value for money to our customers all over Australia.
● We’re here for you. Our team is here to support our customers, so if you have questions or concerns, make sure you reach out to us to help resolve your issue.

For A Delicatessen Display Fridge, Head To Commercial Fridge Sales
Whatever size you need to keep your deli display fresh, Commercial Fridge Sales has a refrigerator to suit your needs perfectly. We’re renowned in the cafe and restaurant industry for our premium-quality products, service, and professionalism. If you’re looking for the very best value for money, you can’t go past our products. To buy 900mm deep or a 1100mm deep Delicatessen Display Fridge, contact us today.

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