Showcasing your cold products for your customers to see is way more convenient using upright display freezers. A display freezer has clear glass doors and what you commonly see in establishments.

If you need one for your business, it’s good to know what you should look for when buying upright freezers. No matter what industry you are in, as long as you need an upright freezer commercial to store and display your goods, you should have an idea of what to look for in an upright display freezer. Check its type and consider going for units with defrosting, heat recovery vaporizer, and compressors as it will offer you great performance.

Types of Upright Display Freezers

All types of upright display freezers feature a glass door. Both their exterior and interior are made from stainless steel. However, they vary from the number of doors they have and the volume capacity they can handle.

Upright Single Door Freezer

Single door freezer is the smallest among the three types but it already has a great amount of volume capacity to store your products, which is about 610L. It is a good unit to use for smaller businesses or establishments that have a similar amount of capacity to store regularly.

Upright Double Door Freezer

Double door freezer is the type you commonly see in grocery stores or
convenience stores. It has a bigger space, you can store a lot of stocks inside but make sure it is only about 980L to 110L.

Upright Triple Door Freezer

Since it has three doors, it has three times more space to offer to allow you to store more of your products and supplies inside. It can carry up to 1500L. You can also see a lot of these in supermarkets and malls.

Features of Upright Display Freezer

Here are the features you should check before you buy an upright display freezer to make sure you will only have the best quality of performance when it comes to storing your cold products or frozen goods.

  • Auto defrost
  • For those who manage a lot of freezers and refrigerators, it’s hard to keep up with cleaning and defrosting. To manage to defrost, upright display freezers have an auto-defrost feature that only takes about a few hours. With this feature, it’s a lot easier to clean and maintain your freezer.

  • Optimized ducted airflow system
  • To regulate the temperature of the freezers all day, an optimized airflow
    system can provide proper ventilation and also helps in generating

  • Waste heat recovery vaporizer
  • Waste heat in freezers can still be of good use. Waste heat recovery
    vaporizer is a great feature that helps transform heat into vapor to allow the freezers to work in the long run.

  • Top-quality compressors
  • The compressor is one of the most important parts of the freezer to work well and keep your stocks and products cool. The compressor functions by drawing away the vapor and maintaining a low pressure and temperature on your freezer.

    Upright Display Freezer Brands Available

    For those who want to buy a new upright display freezer for your business, we sell quality units from these reputable and trusted brands, so you can have the best value for your money.

  • Skope
  • Williams
  • F.E.D Freezers
  • Atosa
  • JONO
  • Bromic
  • Anvil
  • Crusader
  • Artisan
  • NovaChill
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