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Upright Storage Freezer Solid Door

Upright Storage Freezer Solid Door comes in single, double, and triple solid doors made of stainless inside with stainless or colorbond finish on the outside.
Made by Williams, Jono, Bromic,Hoshizaki, Skope and FED Refrigeration.

We have various sizes and styles of solid door storage freezers.  You can choose models with one two or three solid doors
Cater Equip has selected Williams, Skope and Gastronorm as main suppliers of our range of quality solid door storage freezers.
Upright single solid door models are stainless steel, from 435 L to 630L in volume and come with 3-4 adjustable shelves.

You can also have 2 x ½ doors in upright single freezer for storage flexibility.  Coved stainless steel interiors and 3 levels of shelving is included.

Our quality freezers come with fan forced evaporative cooling, low noise compressors, auto defrost and self evaporating drainage.

Interiors and exteriors are stainless steel or white.  Interior lighting, lockable castors or adjustable legs,  easy clean surfaces and LED temperature display mounted on exterior of cabinet are convenient.
Larger solid door storage freezers in double door styles or (4 x ½) half door styles are available.

These have top mounted refrigeration or top mounted in self contained cabinets and come with fan forced evaporative cooling, auto defrost, self evaporating drainage and external temperature display depending on the model.

Shelving is adjustable with 3 or 4 levels plus the stainless steel floor. Interior and exterior finish options are stainless steel.
Large solid storage freezers with three solid doors come in stainless steel with top mounted refrigeration in cabinet.  You can have 6 x ½ doors and volume ranges from 1510 to 1524L.
These freezers come with top quality compressors with low noise, self evaporating drainage and fast temperature control features.  Temperature control mounted on the exterior of the freezer is an option on some models.
Doors have easy clean handles and self tilting door closers.

They come with adjustable shelving, and brake castors.  You can choose finish in stainless steel or white exterior for some models.  Interiors come in stainless steel with stainless steel floor.

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