Supermarket Fridges Freezers Upright Display Storage

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Supermarket Fridges Freezers Upright Display Storage

Supermarket Fridges Freezers Upright Display Storage

When opening a supermarket, you will need to acquire plenty of fridges to store and display your stock.
There are so many different types of fridges though – are you aware which ones are best suited to the different
departments of your store?

Supermarket Fridges Freezers Upright Display Storage Curved glass fridges come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are particularly well suited for the storing of deli meats,
giving customers a full and unimpeded top and front view of products through the curved panels

Fridges with sliding or static square glass fronts can often be used as alternatives to curved glass ones.
They serve extremely well at deli counters or butcheries.

The Baine Marie is a serve-over counter-type fridge, a variation on curved glass refrigerators.
These are ideal for deli counters and the service of prepared foods.
They feature stainless steel containers with lids, over a section filled with water.
The water is held at a constant temperature to keep the foods warm or cold – whichever is applicable.

As the name suggests, fish cases are most often used by fishmongers or at the seafood counters of supermarkets,
to display fresh fish. They can have a curved or square glass fronts and include deep, stainless steel polar wells,
where seafood products can be stored at constant low temperatures to maintain freshness.

Type of Supermarket Fridge #5: Wall Chiller
Wall chillers are open fridges with several deep, stackable shelves, usually taking up the entire height of a supermarket wall.
They can be used in several departments for the display of prepacked foods,
from vegetables to ready-made meals and meat products.

Type of Supermarket Fridge #6: Island Freezer
Fleets of island freezers are used in the perishables section of supermarkets,
where frozen vegetables, meats, desserts and prepacked meals are stored.
They are accessed from the top via sliding glass panels and offer both constant and reliable freezer and easy visibility.

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