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Cake Food Display Fridges Heated Ambient Cases

Cake Food Display Fridges Heated Ambient Cases
Bakeries, cake shops, and even cafes need cake display fridges for a visual representation of this delicious dessert they serve.
Since most of these shops are smaller compared to typical fast foods or dine-in restaurants, taking great consideration in the size of the cake storage fridge should matter. Aside from the size, the type and number of shelves are also important.

Most bakery cake fridges are placed on counters since it is more convenient for viewing. The shelves available in the fridge will also help you organize the desserts inside and make them appealing to your customers. We offer you only the best refrigerator for cakes from known brands like Festive, F.E.D., Bromic, Williams, ICS Pacific, and JONO.

How Having a Cake Display Can Boost Sales

Having cake displays in your shop is one of the best ways to sell cakes and pastries to people. Most people value aesthetics when it comes to desserts like cakes. So aside from the flavor, they look and prefer those with better designs, colors, plating, and presentation. If it’s pleasing to the eyes, it will look delicious and will be a yummy treat for the tummy.


With the help of a cake display fridge, you allow your customers to see the amazing designs of your cake. The fridge helps maintain the cake from melting, so it won’t ruin its visuals and appear to be enticing even for hours.


Most of the time, the cake fridge is placed near the counter since it is the most area in the shop that customers look at when ordering. It attracts them to try and buy the product. Thus, boosting sales in the long run.

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Cake Display Fridge

As you choose to buy a cake display fridge, these are some of the features you should consider to help your bakery, pastry shop, or restaurant to offer this delicious sweet treat to your customers.



Most cake display fridges have similar designs, built, and colors. All seem to be attractive, depending on your taste or the overall theme of your shop. However, proper placement of the fridge is important to consider to attract more customers or buyers. Most shops place it near the counter since it is the spot a person always looks at when entering or approaching your shop.


Storage needs

Do you have lots of cakes and other desserts to display regularly? Then you might choose the right size with more space to spare, so you can manage to display your best-selling cakes inside.



Aside from proper placement and the number of cakes you want to store
inside, proper lighting of the fridge also adds benefit for your products. When choosing a lighting color, opt for natural ones that can highlight or emphasize the great features and colors of the cakes.

Types of Businesses We Supply To

Since we understand the importance of having a good quality display fridge, Commercial Fridge Sales also supply and sells top quality fridges not just in cake or pastry shops and bakeries, but also to:


Take Away Shops
Hotels and Pubs
Pizza Shops
Nursing Homes and Hospitals


So for those in charge of handling food products, sales, and marketing for these businesses, we have a wide range of cake display fridges to keep your desserts chilled and delicious.

Why Choose Commercial Fridge Sales For A Cake Display Fridge?

At Commercial Fridge Sales, we’re proud to be one of Australia’s favourite commercial fridge and freezer suppliers, and there’s a reason more businesses turn to us for refrigeration solutions.


We have a vast range of cake display fridges. No matter how big or small your business, we have a refrigerator to fit. Our range of cake display fridges include 900mm cake display fridges all the way up to 2400mm cake display fridges. Whatever you’re looking for, we can help.


We deliver unmatched value. You won’t find such high-quality commercial storage fridges for better prices anywhere else! At Commercial Fridge Sales, we’re committed to providing the best value for money to our customers all over Australia.
We’re here for you. Our team is here to support our customers, so if you have questions or concerns, make sure you reach out to us to help resolve your issue.

For Any Cake Display Fridges, Head To Commercial Fridge Sales Whatever the size of your commercial kitchen, or café, Commercial Fridge Sales has a refrigerator to suit your needs perfectly. We’re renowned in the café and restaurant industry for our premium-quality products, service, and professionalism. If you’re looking for the very best value for money, you can’t go past our products. To buy a remote, storage, or display under bench fridge, contact us today or call us to get a quote on 0488019097


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