ICS Pacific Clever Logger Gateway & Data Logger

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ICS Pacific Clever Logger Gateway & Data Logger



  • Battery Life: 10 – 12 months
  • Battery Type: Replaceable CR2450
  • Connection Method: WiFi or Ethernet cable
  • Dimensions, Data Logger: Width 48mm, Depth 10mm, Height 65mm
  • Dimensions, Gateway: Width 90mm, Depth 25mm, Height 70mm
  • Warranty: 12 months

Dimensions: 90mm Wide x 25mm Deep x 70mm high

Clever Logger

Wireless Data Logger with Cloud Connectivity


The Clever Logger takes the hassle out of monitoring temperatures and will automatically:

  • Record the temperature every 5 minutes.
  • Send alerts to your phone and email if there is a cold chain breach.
  • Send reports to your email every day, week or month.
  • Save all data to the cloud.

Phone and email alerts are automatically and instantly sent to your phone and/or email.

Multiple contacts can be added to receive alerts.

Type of alerts include:

  • Cold chain breach – if the temperature goes out of the +2°C to +8°C range.
  • Offline – if the gateway is disconnected from the internet.
  • Low battery – if the data logger battery is getting low.

CleverLogger lets you schedule regular reports that are automatically prepared and emailed to you.

Reports can be sent to multiple people.

Reports are available as PDF, Excel or CSV files.


Use WiFi or an Ethernet cable (included) to connect the Clever Logger to the Cloud.

All your data will be securely stored and is accessible from anywhere at anytime.


The data logger connects to the gateway via Bluetooth.

The gateway connects to your internet connection via WiFi or an ethernet cable.

This allows the data logger to send temperature information to your secure, online account via the gateway.

Dimensions 3 × 9 × 7 cm
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