Bakery Display Cases

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Bakery Display Cases

Bakery Display Cases heated, ambient and refrigerated square and curved glass free standing and bench top and pass through units.

Heated Bakery cases are built to display pies, sausage rolls and and other heated  food.

Ambient Bakery cases are supplied to display carrot cake, muffins, scones, bread and other non refrigerated food.

Refrigerated Bakery cabinets are meant to display cream cakes, cheese cakes, and every other bakery product  which is required to be served between 0-5 Degrees Celsius.

Some of the brands we market are Festive,  FED, Skope, Williams, Skipio.

These Brand have proven to reliable and come in a variety of shapes and types both bench top, free standing and drop in types as well as pass through.

Come in Black and stainless and any other color finish you may need to match the decor of you shop.

Warning if doing projects always order ahead as a lot of the product takes up to six weeks to get in Australia.


Check out our Prices: Email or Ring Us @ 0488019097 for a Quote. We won’t be beaten on pricing!

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